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Donna Rockwell, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is a leading mindfulness meditation teacher, specialist in celebrity mental health, and an activist in contemporary humanistic psychology. Dr. Rockwell is Past-President of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32 of the American Psychological Association, and is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and The Humanistic Psychologist. She serves on the advisory board of the Existential-Humanistic Institute.

Dr. Rockwell is an adjunct faculty member at Saybrook University, College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Mind-Body Medicine.

Her published work includes journal articles and popular press publications on Mindfulness, the psychology of fame and celebrity, and humanistic foundations of psychology and psychotherapy. Dr. Rockwell's book chapter, "Mindfulness as Therapy: How Buddhist psychology contributes to enhancing therapist efficacy and client outcomes," can be found in The Changing Faces of Therapy:  Evolving Perspectives in Clinical Practice and Assessment (Ron Valle, Ed.), San Francisco, CA: Argosy University, published in 2016.


Dr. Rockwell is a graduate of Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts with a BA in Language & Communication.

She received a Master’s degree in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University in Washington D.C.

Dr. Rockwell earned her Master's and Doctorate in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies (now the Michigan School of Psychology) in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


The media landscape has changed so much since the golden days of television. Cable News Network revolutionized the world of news gathering and reporting, with bureaus and live shot capacity from major capitals around the globe. There was a certain edict and mission to reportage as the first line of history, journalists as scribes for people’s right to know.

Today the media landscape has changed to become a more integrated whole, weaving through commerce, government, industry, healthcare, and entertainment.

As a 1980 founding member of CNN, I know the backbone of the journalism and broadcast media industry. I was mentored by famed journalist, Daniel Schorr before becoming his producer, and then covered the House and Senate for CNN before becoming the lead news producer at NBC station, WRC-TV in the nation’s Capitol. After becoming a licensed clinical psychologist, I started consulting and bring an excitement and depth of understanding to the ways people communicate and share information in daily life. Working at both micro and macro levels of media structuring, and personal and corporate consulting, seeing through to best practices of dynamic growth, innovation, and transcending challenges, the most effective path forward becomes more clear, and I enjoy helping people and companies find that way forward.

Mindfulness training is an integral part of our new start-up and traditional marketplace culture of ideas and organizational hubs. Integration, self-understanding, and focused awareness are the new keywords. Through 20 years of mindfulness training through Shambhala International, I have incorporated mindfulness approaches into my clinical practice, academic and pedagogic work, and leadership activities.

Anxiety, depression, societal and familial trauma, along with the need to navigate professional advancement within the walls of a corporate culture require an emotionally intelligent application across both personal, leadership, HR, and media venues. Notions of coping, thriving, and optimal and organic discovery of self and the collective are a sure, grounded route to optimal living and functioning at the individual and institutional level.

My contribution to consulting projects is seeing the large picture, as well as the micro level aspects of relationship and inter-relationship that when nuanced and nurtured toward positive health naturally create best outcomes and achievement. With a media background, psychological education, and extensive mindfulness training and teaching, the services offered to corporate and individual partners are constructed with insight and clear outcomes of success.

I am a Humanistic psychologist by training, emphasizing our innate human capacity for health and well-being. Rather than viewing behavioral symptoms as illness-related, I help clients heighten their own mental clarity and lessen psychological confusion by deconstructing existing blocks to meaningful engagement in life. 

As clients learn to focus on wellness, human development and self-actualization naturally occur, allowing for the realization of each of our full and unique potential.

Integrating the most advanced theories of integrative medicine and health science with humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, object-relations, and contemplative approaches, client-and-therapist co-create personal growth treatment plans that lead to calmness, insight, resilience, and goal-setting that can address and mitigate symptoms of anxiety and depression. I enjoy working with individual adults, adolescents, and couples, as well as with groups. As a mindfulness meditation teacher, I focus on teaching skills in mindful-awareness stress reduction, and incorporate a full range of mindfulness approaches into my clinical and advocacy work.