Being in Love

I want to feel joy for joy’s sake

Not wanting to earn it

Or reach it

Or arrive finally at its door

After working

And seeking

After years of wracking pursuit, falling at the threshold

Begging for mercy and entry and somewhere to rest and sleep at last in peace.




I want to awaken there

Dancing on the head of that pin

Smiling in my sleep

And rising to a peppy dawn

I want to jump up in inspiration for the new day

I want to take pen to paper

And explode upon the page,

     my existence on this planet

At this time, at this place, in this body, with this mind, and countenance, and spirit and soul

With these eyeballs, and ears, and fingers, and taste buds, and ability to experience aromas,  exotic and sublime, miraculously breathing in and out, and in and out again.


I want my moments of being alive to be a celebration of the moments I get to be alive

Love the people I get to love

Feel the love of those whose energy, flow, willingness for interbeing, makes me somehow feel loved, too.


I want to bathe in child-like wonder

For innocent experience, naked awareness, clear seeing

Present a truer reality

A realization longstanding

A wisdom

Transcendent of deluded mind, frightened mind, ego mind, hurt-child mind

To original mind, mirror-like

     and free

I stand, reflecting awe, embracing mystery, curious, openhearted, immersed in the now and loving the opportunity to be in love with this very life.