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"THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER" ON spouses living in the shadow of fame:

Julie Chen and Hollywood Power Spouses Speak Out: "Being a Trophy Wife Is an Antiquated Trope"

by Rebecca Ford . 6/28/2016

Illustration by Matt Herring

Illustration by Matt Herring

"Joy, in the end, is not a giddy affair. Joy is laced with sympathy and empathy and awareness of the impermanence that cradles us tenderly during our time together."

"Joy, in the end, is not a giddy affair. Joy is laced with sympathy and empathy and awareness of the impermanence that cradles us tenderly during our time together."


  • March 17 - 20, 2016

San Francisco State University

The Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference - Humanistic (R)evolution 2.0:  Re-Visioning Human Potential, Education & Healthcare

(1) Invited Thought Leader: "Mindfulness in Everyday Life – Courage and the Heart of Leadership"

(2) CE Course: "Mindfulness: From Fear to Function - Understanding the Empowerment of Falling Awake" 

  • May 4, 2016

The Michigan School of Professional Psychology - Continuing Education Program                         

CE Course: "Mindfulness-based Pain Management"

  • August 4-7, 2016

The American Psychological Association Annual Convention - Denver, Colorado

CE Course: "Mindfulness and Eastern Psychology: Psychotherapy Skill-building with Judy Lief and Donna Rockwell"

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Dr. Donna Rockwell is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice working with adults, couples, and adolescents with anxiety, depression, and stress related challenges. Dr. Rockwell's clinical focus is on mindful approaches to personal and professional development. She also specializes in celebrity mental health & media psychology.

In addition to her clinical practice and academic posts, Dr. Rockwell teaches public mindfulness classes and conducts daylong workshops and seminars, available for corporate retreats, government agencies, sports team consultation, healthcare settings, small businesses, media personalities and organizations, and other groups, bringing the practical application of mindfulness and psychology to excellence in the workplace, school life, and personal and professional relationships.

Dr. Rockwell's blog is Mindfulness in Everyday Life on The Huffington Post.

A columnist and former TV journalist, Dr. Rockwell is a 1980 founding member of Cable News Network, Washington, D.C. She was producer for famed journalist Daniel Schorr, and she covered Capitol Hill for the network for 3 years. Dr. Rockwell produced the daily news lead "Cover Story" for WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. and continues to appear as a mental health expert on TV, radio, and in print.

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Testimonials for Dr. Rockwell's mindfulness consulting, workshops, and individualized trainings and seminars:

"It was an extremely useful experiential seminar that translates well for use in many settings."

"I tend to have difficulty relaxing and have persistent sleep issues. Many new skills were learned today, plus reminders of the benefits."

"There's a big difference between reading about something and listening to someone who has lived an experience over time."

"I learned the importance of self-regulation in a mindful way."

"Being an observer of my emotions instead of reacting and over-reacting. Breathing. Doing things with intention."

"I like how experiential the workshop was. Wasn't just a PowerPoint. How to really use these skills. Thanks! You are both an inspiration and a calming presenter."

"Absolutely go. Well worth the time. It will help you personally and professionally."