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Dr. Donna Rockwell is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice working with adults, couples, and adolescents with anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress related challenges.



Dr. Rockwell's clinical focus is on mindful approaches to personal and professional development.

In addition to her clinical practice and academic posts, Dr. Rockwell is a Mindfulness Consultant and conducts daylong workshops and seminars, is available for corporate retreats, government agencies, sports team consultation, healthcare settings, small businesses, media organizations, and other groups, bringing the practical application of mindfulness and psychology to excellence in the workplace, school life, and personal and professional development.

Fame & Celebrity

Dr. Rockwell specializes in celebrity mental health, helping clients and patients cope with the fame experience. Fame & Celebrity: The Naked Truth, is a book Dr. Rockwell is writing based on her doctoral research on the psychology of fame and celebrity.

A columnist and former TV journalist, Dr. Rockwell is a 1980 founding member of Cable News Network. She was producer for famed journalist Daniel Schorr, and covered Capitol Hill for the network for three years. Dr. Rockwell went on to produce the daily news lead "Cover Story" for WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. and continues to appear as a mental health, mindfulness, and fame & celebrity expert on TV, radio, in print and on social media.

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"If Katie is wide awake in the middle of the night and worried about something, "I call my friend Donna in Michigan, who happens to be a therapist and doesn't charge me for late-night phone calls," she says. "She's very, very wise, and so dialed-in emotionally. We started working at CNN together in our 20s. She's the one I call at 3 A.M., poor thing."

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