Testimonials for Dr. Rockwell's mindfulness workshops, trainings and consulting:

"Was a great training and I learned a lot about the skills to be mindful in my life and learn to relax. I struggle with that. I learned to slow myself down and breathe as I don't always do this. Being more aware of my actions and words making sure they match. Trying to take better care of myself so I don't burn out...I want to be sure I take care of myself without feeling guilty. I usually do!""

Being an observer of my emotions instead of reacting and over-reacting. Breathing. Doing things with intention."

"Assisting patients with more self-awareness and having more control over their unhappiness with the past and fears of the future. Relaxation."

"There's a big difference between reading about something and listening to someone who has lived an experience over time."

"I work with victims/survivors - I see unlimited applications in my day to day work. I 'm eager to teach/guide others in self-care."

"I really appreciated the nonjudgmental approach and self-loving that was taking place. Thank you so much..."

"I like how experiential the workshop was. Wasn't just a PowerPoint. How to really use these skills. Thanks! You are both an inspiration and a calming presenter."

"I learned the importance of self-regulation in a mindful way."

"In my personal life, I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a wife, a friend, a counselor, a working woman, etc. Even though and because I know I am all these things, I often forget who I am. I know I will use mindfulness as part of a lifestyle change to focus on my self-care and reconnecting with myself. I also learned some things I want to practice with my 3 young children to teach them now self-care lessons that will last their lifetime. Life is too short and precious to miss any of it."

"I work with patients with life threatening illnesses who often feel so uncertain, anxious and depressed about their future. I so many times feel powerless for them. I feel that mindfulness is something they all can utilize anywhere, anytime. It is good to have a tool they can take home with them, to empower them to also help themselves."

"I tend to have difficulty relaxing and have persistent sleep issues. Many new skills were learned today, plus reminders of the benefits."

"It was an extremely useful experiential seminar that translates well for use in many settings."


"Absolutely go. Well worth the time. It will help you personally and professionally."

"Don't change a thing! Great presentation!"

"Go!!! You'll not only bring home knowledge and ways to help clients using mindfulness meditation, but you'll also EXPERIENCE its benefits as you meditate."

"Excellent! Learn about your self and ways to calm your mind down. Need to take time for self and meditate."

"Useful tools -- self-care Plus! Valuable reminders to live in and value the moment. Simple/Easy/Applicable and totally helpful practices/routines."

"THANK YOU!!" I am also very hopeful that mindfulness is taught more and more as part of the education for providers, nurses, doctors, social workers, etc., in Healthcare to teach effective ways to not only be present with themselves, but with their patients as well."

This workshop "Is for absolutely everyone. Thank you. Great Course. Lots of fun..."

"Please attend. Very worthwhile."